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"Space vs Heaven" Phone Case by Victor Moatti

"Space vs Heaven" Phone Case by Victor Moatti



Exclusively for Neon Talk. Limited to 200 prints / Model. 

Snap Case: If you want the aesthetics. Slim fit & Full Wrap Print.
Tough Case: Choose this if you want both good protection and the nice looks. Full wrap HQ print and rubber inside.

Delivery time, 5-10 business days. Ships from US.

Victor Moatti is a French designer and graphic artist from Paris. His work captures emotions of sensuality and mystery, each piece feels nostalgic while remaining new and futuristic.
He works for various clients from music labels to brands.

"Illustrator Victor Moatti is the author of these stunning bold illustrations, full of sensuality and mystery. Through his colorful compositions, he mixes oriental landscapes, cosmic elements and feminine curves enhanced by light and shadow games, reminding us neons lights and the striking aesthetics of 80’s prints. "

Selected Clients: MTV, Globe, Dropbox, Wired UK, Syfy, Universal