Hi and Welcome!

Step into my world at Neon Talk—a celebration of the enduring allure of retro and new-retro aesthetics.

I launched the Instagram account @neontalk with a simple desire: to share my love for 80s music, design, art, and fashion with others. What began as a fun and geeky venture turned into something beyond my wildest expectations. It's truly astonishing to discover the multitude of individuals who share my enthusiasm for the same aesthetic and intriguing interests.

Managing @neontalk is a delight because it brings me into contact with an incredible array of creative minds. Within this community, you'll encounter a diverse group of talented artists, each infusing their work with a nostalgic touch and a deep love for the styles of the 80s and 90s.

Since our inception in 2015, @neontalk has grown into the largest Instagram account dedicated to 80's retro aesthetics, captivating followers from around the world. To expand the Neontalk experience, I'm thrilled to introduce Neontalk.com—a space where 80's and retro enthusiasts can acquire unique products designed by a curated selection of artists, from established names to rising stars.

While my roots are in Sweden, we break down borders, delivering retro charm to your doorstep, whether you're in the U.S.,Europe or any other place on this planet.

Partnering with renowned print and production companies, I guarantee not just style but secure deliveries for our customers.

Neon Talk is more than a project; it's my deep passion. As a fellow "neontalker," my commitment is to provide you with the very best. Thank you for being part of this thrilling journey—I hope you savor every moment!




NT Retro AB


Marietorps Alle 37a, 217 44 Malmö

21774 Malmö. Sweden

Phone: +70 680 5312