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"Definitely Miami" Art Print by SR Formica

"Definitely Miami" Art Print by SR Formica


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Limited Edition. 1st batch 50 pcs / size. 

This is what we all have been looking for. Neon Talk contacted Dani Miras (SR Formica) right away after we got our eyes on this amazing piece of art. I mean, it have it all: A Ferrari Testarossa in a Pool, Plants, Mirrors, Memphis Design details, all illustrated with lovely colors. 80s Childhood memories in a dreamy way. This artwork have gone totally viral and have been published in many different awesome accounts and magazines. So we are extra proud that we can offer this piece, only here at Neon Talk. Get one today and you will make any room pop!

• Matte Thick Durable Paper.
• Giclée printing quality
• Worldwide Shipping from EU and U.S.

Dani Miras is an industrial designer from Barcelona, Spain. What interests him the most is furniture and ordinary objects that surrounds us in our homes. They should be functional and aesthetically beautiful but also create emotions. He is mainly a fan of postmodern design from the 50’s to the 70’s. Dani Miras experiences that the design process has a lot of limitations. That’s why he likes doing 3D and 2D illustrations. Not only as a tool, but as a way to discover art and design with a sense of freedom.

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