Giveaway Time! Win this One-of-a-kind Custom Synth by Love Hultén!

[Giveaway Time!]
Neon Talk and Love Hulten presents - DX84. Win this refaced synthesizer designed by the Swedish artist Love Hulten, built around the Yamaha Reface DX hardware. This one-off synth combines a unique clamshell design with the rich sounds of the notorious DX7.

👇This is how You Participate! 

1. Tag 1-3 synth loving friends in the comment field on THIS POST
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3. That’s It! Winner will be announced @neontalk next Sunday.
Good Luck! 🏝/ Neon Talk and Love Hulten


With built-in speakers and 10+ hours of FM modulation per battery charge, this custom-made synthesizer encourages portability. Yamaha DX7, one of the most iconic synths from the 80's, helped introduce FM synthesis to the world back in 83. Rather than tweaking analog waveforms, the user would create and explore new crisp sounds parameters using complex digital programming. In 2015, Yamaha released the Reface DX, a small DX7 replica including a more user-friendly FM interface.

This art piece is valued at $1500