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"Chrome Power Woman" iPhone Phone Case by Jess Audrey . Limited Edition

"Chrome Power Woman" iPhone Phone Case by Jess Audrey . Limited Edition


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Limited Edition iPhone Case, exclusively and only available at, make sure you catch one! 100 prints / size

Regular Case: If the aesthetics is most importantly. Thin Slim fit & Full Wrap Print. Average Delivery time, 5-10 business days. Ships from US

Premium Cases: 
Lifetime Guarantee. If your case break, a new will be sent with same design.
🇺🇸Made in US: US Orders. 
Made in Germany, UK and Australia: Worldwide orders.

For long Neon Talk have followed Jess Audrey's vaporwave and CGI artsy feed, and she nails it in every single post. Therefor it all makes so much sense to do this collab, and we are very proud to present these amazing artworks. Perfect when you want some Love and Sensual vibes in your home (or office? ;) ).


Jess describes her work:

"There’s such a freedom to have access to programs that become a source for my aesthetic exploration and discovery…I don’t have to worry about other’s expectations, only what will make me feel happy, and in return, others get to individually perceive what they see and feel in my work too” / via The Creators Project

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