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Marianna Tomaselli
Marianna Art Prints with a vintage Americana feeling.

Marianna Tomaselli

From the passion for drawings to the obsession for patterns.
Marianna Tomaselli was born in 1992 and after her education path at IED Milano she makes great strides into the artistic scenery.

After working as pattern and textile designer for Manebi, young footwear brand that reconsider in a graphic way the classical spanish espadrillas, she works hard as art director into the Italian HQ of the advertising agency Revolution Department and as freelance Illustrator. 

Her illustrations appear in magazines, books, newspapers and animation
Marianna’s works explore the dimension of irony, humor, and even the kind of melancholy that refines some of her illustrations. Her touch is made of strong brush strokes, almost angular, wide scenic design and great use of transparency.
With her illustrations she creates a mirrored image of her own soul: ironic, contemporary, and always looking for something new.